Our group

Merseybank Green Group is an initiative born in the beginning of 2020 pandemic. While many of us started spending more time in our closest surroundings we felt the need to make our estate cleaner, greener and the existing green spaces, which luckily are right on our doorstep, more accessible.

We started off with monthly litter picking events, which then encouraged more ideas to emerge. Our group has been involved in shaping plan for Parkway Playing Fields, tree planting, food growing and promoting Merseybank as part of wider city planning.

The group’s objectives are:

  • To work towards the elimination of environmental injustice on grounds of race, economic status and disability.
  • To promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.
  • To develop the capacity and skills of the members of the socially and disadvantaged community of Merseybank in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society. To advance the education of the public in the subject of gardening and environmental sustainability

As a community group we want to be a catalyst for the grassroot initiatives which fall into one or more categories:

  1. Streets – making our street clean, green, safe and friendly for wider community
  2. Wildlife – protection, recording/mapping of protected species, promote making gardens beneficial for wildlife
  3. Playing Fields – involvement in consulting the community and providing a platform for communication between the residents and Local Authority
  4. Gardening – provide training and resources to enable the residents growing their own foods, support running of resident gardening networks
  5. Events – promote Merseybank on the M21 map through networking, co-operation and collaboration with other local groups, facilitate events which advance any of the group’s objectives