The Orchard Project

The Orchard Project – Info Meeting Today

MCC & an organisation called The Orchard Project will be working with the local community to plant 12-15 fruit trees on the Playing Fields to be maintained as a community managed Orchard. They’re also refreshing the Orchard in Kenworthy Woods as a separate project.

They’ll provide training to volunteers on management of the spaces, to include planting, grafting new trees, and pruning. Things are moving very fast on this due to the tree planting season coming to an end shortly and they are looking for interested folks to get involved asap.

There’s a presentation about The Orchard Project work this evening at 7pm, sorry for short notice. Register via link if interested:

If you’d like to learn more about the Parkway Playing Fields project there should be a zoom call later this week or early next tbc – please let me us if you’d like to join that.

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